WCA Member Article Submissions:

Acceptance/ What we are looking for…

We are eager to publish your story. We are looking for articles that highlight our membership and clay first and foremost. You must be a member of the WCA to be featured or write an article. Topics are endless- from kiln building to plating food on hand made ware. From museum visits to your new favorite tool! From technical glaze solutions to grant writing resources… We want to hear what you have to share! Our editors will take a look and perhaps make suggestions upon submission. Your article should be well proof read and thoughtful. All the requests below should be sent in one, clear submission to be considered for inclusion on the website blog/ newsletter.

Info to Send

Article Title (Bold Font)
Writer's Name (Italics)
Website URL of Writer/ or FB page URL (optional- we just want to promote you!)

100 word bio of writer- tell us about who you are
100 word artist statement of writer- tell us about what you make
2 images of writers work, with no side longer being than 5” and a resolution of 72dpi (in other words a medium sized image around 700kb)

Text/ Copy

Your writing may be anywhere from 200 words to 1000! Variety is good. If you have an idea bigger than 1000 words, we will publish it in parts… this will encourage people to come back for more, and highlight your effort repeatedly. If you are submitting a longer story/ article please send us the full text all at one time, with page break indications for the separate releases.


Once we have read over your text, you will be emailed.  This email will include any edits that need to be made.  It will also include a request for the images that are requested.  Please include five images for every story/section published. Above specifications apply. If you have more than five images, we may make a FB album and link to it in the article!  The WCA looks forward to receiving your submission!

Submission Form: Please send us your article and we will be in touch!

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Please make sure to fully proof-read your submission. It is easiest to first write the article in word, and then cut and paste it into place...