Project Canary

Have you heard about Project Canary?  It was originally one of the Socially Engaged Craft Collective's projects for National Clay Week, and the organization had hoped to call attention to these issues and the real life people affected by them, before the election, and they have decided to keep going with it since the election.

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What Project Canary is About: The extreme and misguided decisions politicians make have real life repercussions. From "bathroom bills", twenty week abortion bans to laws that make justice nearly impossible for victims of police brutality, people’s lives are gravely impacted.  Media coverage might tell part of the story but often the stories of those whose lives are negatively impacted by these policies don’t have the privilege of telling their story. Project Canary honors the experience above the rhetoric by connecting people to each other through their individual untold stories.

On their website they are collecting stories of real life instances of injustice.  Each story is stored on the site with an individual number.  Artists can then go online, read and make objects inspired by the stories.  They ask that you inscribe the story number and tag with a Project Canary tag before abandoning your art to be found by a stranger.  The tag will lead them to the website, ask that they read the story that inspired the object, read other stories and maybe even leave their own.  They can then upload a picture tagging #projectcanaryfind on social media.  

Next action: January 20, Inauguration day

Many of the objects being made for Project Canary are ceramic, and we hope to organize a small hands-on object making session, potentially at our Winter Social.

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