New Membership Database with Exciting Changes

Great news! We've recently upgraded to a new membership database that will make it easier to connect to our hundreds of clay lovers across the state. This means two changes you as a member should know about:

·        Your membership is now yearly.
Previously, your membership was for the calendar year. That meant that regardless of when you signed up (January 1st 2017 or July 14th 2017) your membership only lasted through the end of the calendar year (December 31st 2017). That was confusing and frustrating for members and management alike, so we found a better solution!
Whatever date you purchased your membership in 2018 (January 1st 2018 or July 14th 2018), your membership will remain current for 1 year after that date (till December 31st 2018 or July 13th 2019). You will get a couple reminder emails before your membership expires so you can renew on time.

·        Everyone has their own membership profile.
Click this link to access your profile:
Once you're there, you can enter the email address you used to sign up for your WCA membership and choose your password. On your profile, you can update your contact info and renew your membership. You and the WCA Board are the only people who can see this profile.

Member cup exchange.jpg