Meet a Member: Sherry Kirk

Name:  Sherry Kirk

Sherry Kirk.jpg

Years working with clay: 8 years
Type of work made (sculpture, pottery, etc): Mostly functional ware, also some beads, brooches, buttons & baubles.
What region of the state do you live in? 30 minutes outside of Olympia
Describe your process and materials: Most of my work is handthrown from mid-range stoneware.  I do some handbuilding and have recently started making jewelry components.
What is your favorite tool?  A tiny wooden spork.
Please share your favorite clay tips or trick: Vinegar instead of slip for attaching stuff.


When and/or how did you get started working with clay? After I retired from the Army I wanted something completely different so I went to school for art.  The pottery ate my soul and hasn't given it back yet.

How has your practice change over time? I'm constantly pushing myself to try new things and to improve my skills.

What jobs have you had other than being an artist? Did this influence your work at all? Active army for 21 & 1/2 years.  I think my background helps with my time management and focus.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given working with clay?  Just try it, it's only clay.

What’s the best advice you ever gotten about creativity or being an artist? Listen to criticism and then decide whether it's valid or not.

What inspires you?  Making functional vessels that people fall in love with.

How do you prepare to make your work? Drawing, research, etc. Research online and then sketch out basic shapes.

Where do you feel most inspired? The ocean.

What venues do you use for sales? Which are most successful? Etsy and local vending events.  I do best when I sell my work in person.  I love to share my excitement about functional art work and to establish personal connections with my customers.

Was any of your work inspired by a custom order or a special request, or has customer feedback played a role in the development of any of your work? Absolutely.  Some of my favorite designs were inspired by requests and me pushing my skill set to see if I could make the shapes or designs.

What social media platforms do you use and which are your most successful/favorite? Facebook, Instagram.  I love Facebook!

What is your best marketing tip? Do marketing consistently.

What is your most popular item or what is your favorite item to make? Anything with an octopus on it.