We want to Meet Our Members!

The WCA is excited to promote our members! if you would like to be featured on our website and in the newsletter, please take a few minutes to fill out the information below. The top set are required, then choose at least one full set of additional questions to answer. You can fill out more than one set if so inclined. Submit all of the information, along with two shots of your work and a head shot to info@washingtonclayarts.org

Required questions
Years working with clay: 
Type of work made (sculpture, pottery, etc): 
What region of the state do you live in? 
Describe your process and materials: 
What is your favorite tool? 
Please share your favorite clay tips or trick:

Please choose at least one set to answer: 
Background focused: 
When and/or how did you get started working with clay? 
How has your practice change over time? 
What jobs have you had other than being an artist? Did this influence your work at all? 
What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given working with clay? 
What’s the best advice you ever gotten about creativity or being an artist? 
What inspires you?

Maker focused: 
How do you prepare to make your work? Drawing, research, etc. 
Where do you feel most inspired? 
What is your favorite tool? 
What are your favorite forms to make and why? 
What’s the best advice you ever gotten about creativity?

Business focused: 
What venues do you use for sales? Which are most successful? 
Was any of your work inspired by a custom order or a special request, or has customer feedback played a role in the development of any of your work? 
What social media platforms do you use and which are your most successful/favorite? 
What is your best marketing tip? 
What is your most popular item or what is your favorite item to make?