September Meeting Minutes

WCA meeting minutes

Attendees: Michele Yugen Lewis, Liz Duarte, Jordan Jones, Brenda Lovie, Ann Marie Cooper , Sudhi
Tirnahalli, Tracy Rock, Tom Kayser, Sarah Bak, Kathy Bender
Treasurer Report (Emily Facci provided report):
o Since Jan 2017, Revenue = $5200
o Since Jan 2017, Expenses=$6933
o Currently $-1700 for the year
o No further planned expenses for the rest of this year.
o Currently $4700 in accounts


o Need more members as this is our primary revenue
o Suggestions:

  •  Membership drive where we make phonecalls to encourage renewal
  • Shows encourage membership. We have not had a show this year
  • We will be having shows for teapots with Good Earth Pottery and for Winter social at
  • KAC, so this may help with membership this year.
  • WCA Poster will also encourage memberships.
  • Newsletter for driving memberships in November.
  • Consider FB marketing again

o One member recently complained that despite becoming a member in Jan 2017, she has
not received any communications. We suspect that this may be due to the newsletter
being a self-directed sign up and because the FB classifieds also require the member to
sign up.

  •  It may be best for us to manually add the member to the newsletter list until we
  • find a way to automate this. Sarah Bak says Liz can send her the names/info to
  • add to the newsletter mailing list.
  • We can also welcome new members to the WCA on the newsletter
  •  Suggested to offer this member a chance to be the spotlighted member in the
  • newsletter

Website updates:

o We have discussed previously posting the minutes for WCA members to read. However
it was unclear where to make these available. Jordan suggests that we can create a page
on the website to archive all the minutes.
o Need to have a prominent donate button so that it is clear that we accept donations.

PNW Clayfest:
We need to make sure there is some WCA presence/marketing there. Some board members
have a few rack cards we can give out.
WCA Poster:
Need call to artists, Deadline Dec 1 st
Ann Marie to create the poster

Outreach K-12

o Liz has recently spoken with Erin Shafkind, Nathan Hale High School and Jacob Foran,
Lakeside High School and both seemed interested in the idea of involving students in
WCA. We also thought to include Peter Olson who runs youth ceramics in Seward Park.
o Some ideas:

  • Studio tours for K-12
  •  Mentors who sponsor the membership of a youth
  • Scholarship for a youth show, maybe held in KAC space?

Summer Social 2018, June 1,2,3, Ellensburg

o Stephen Robison is offering to do woodfire workshop
o Brenda and Jordan are going out to visit the gallery space this month
o Gallery One is interested in including the art of the Dirty Canteen organization. They are
veterans who create art.
o Need workshop artists
o Show:
 Invite local artists
 Theme of table settings
 Theme of wall art
 submission deadline will be May 1 st .
o Campsite:
 Campsite on Columbia river about 30mins away
 Farmsite camping? (Stephen Robison or other)
 KOA?

Winter Social, Kirkland Art Center, January 13, 2018

o We will have the whole studio available to us after 1pm.
o Show
 Need to clarify gallery space that is available and the cost to WCA
 Functional show- Food dish enjoyed on a holiday. Enter with recipe to be used
on the dish.
 Sculptural: Winter holiday memory
 Shows may be non-juried
 December 1 st submission deadline
 Prizes for people’s choice and Carol and Ken’s choice
 Prizes may be goodie bags (WCA tshirt, CAC gift certificate, WCA apron or other)
o Workshops
 Carol Gouthro, sculptural, $300
 Ken Turner, functional, $300
 Unanimous agreement to hire these presenters.
 Members free or discounted
 Non-members: become members with purchase of workshop fee.
o Other ideas
 Potluck
 Cook off with prizes
 Dance
 Gift Swap

Good Earth Pottery Teapot Show

o Good Earth Pottery would like to host a teapot show with some WCA sponsorship
o WCA would sponsor the juror. One suggested juror is Elaine Colman
o Good Earth would market and WCA would promote via WCA media
o Submission deadline of Dec 15 th .
o Must be WCA member plus submission fee of $10 for 2 entries.
o Show would be in Feb 2018, with reception on Saturday, Feb 3

Submissions for shows:

o Options for submission include
 Entrythingy – Sarah Bak has organized this in the past, but it does take a fair
amount of effort to set up.
 Submitting to the email. If using this
option, it was suggested to possibly submit a payment, after which WCA
responds with an email containing a code/entry number. Then, the person can
email their entry with photos including the entry number to the WCA
submissions email.

Exhibitions Manager:
We need a job description for this position. There may be a description in a document in the
WCA dropbox. Jessie Rasmussen expressed some interest in the past. He has some experience
with exhibitions.

o Sarah B. needs ideas for filling the newsletter. Some ideas that came up in the meeting
 Everyone ask fellow ceramicists if they would like to be spotlighted.
 Highlight a different membership benefit each month
 Highlight events that just happened with photos
 Highlight a member’s process of starting a studio
 Teapot show at Good Earth Pottery in Feb, entry deadline Dec 15
 Winter social show at KAC in Jan, entry deadline Dec 1st
 WCA poster, entry deadline Dec 1st
 Sarah to come up with monthly news ideas, and the board helps her fill it in.
 Nov newsletter to drive membership
 Do a workshop, one per quarter to encourage membership.

Reposts for WCA hashtag need to be showing the artist’s full name and cannot be profane or
defaming the organization. Will talk with Meredith about posting some rules for WCA reposts.
Candidates to fill co-president position:
Jordan may be leaving Washington next year, and we will need a new co-president. Brenda is
willing to serve another year if everyone would like her to do so.

Senior Living facilities

o Sudhi suggested that many seniors may be interested in ceramics
o We could have some community outreach that is related to seniors

 Demos with seniors (on-site or off-site)
 Studio tours
o Sudhi to call a few places to explore the ideas.

Next meetings:
Sunday, Oct 8, 11am – Sarah Bak’s house in Shoreline
Sunday, Nov 5, 11am- Ann Marie’s house in Bellingham
Sunday, Dec 10, noon- Sudhi’s house in Redmond
Michele Yugen Lewis
WCA Secretary