The Washington Clay Arts Association thrives with your support.


Washington Clay Arts Association, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, is open to all and dedicated to furthering awareness of and appreciation for clay in Washington State. The mission of this organization is to promote an exchange of knowledge and information about all types of ceramic arts and to promote mutual support, encouragement and education for its members.

Ways to be involved:

Come to Board Meetings.

Join in connecting our state-wide membership as we plan events, exhibitions, and educational opportunities. Board meetings are open to our membership. We encourage members to contribute their ideas.  Coming to meetings is a good way to branch out and connect to other artists. Many hands make light work!  Meetings will be posted on the Events Calendar.  At meetings we often bring snacks to share.

Write for the Newsletter.

Each member has expertise to share.  We want to be a bridge for sharing this with the WCA Membership as a whole. Write about techniques, new work, discoveries, a museum visit, philosophy, studio flow, or other clay related topics.  Send us your ideas through the Articles Submission form. We will consider them for inclusion on the website blog/ newsletter as they relate to the themes we are working towards and clarity of the writing.


Our events are only possible through the generous giving of our board and membership! Offer your time or ideas! Bring your skills to the table in service of our community! Giving back is important and fosters a strong connection within our membership. Taking time to help out at WCA functions is a great way to learn, be excited about the momentum of the organization, and meet more members! Email for more information.

Join the Board

This is a committed level of giving!  Work closely with other board members to direct the growth of this vital organization.  Make connections with the broader ceramics community as we reach out to create social gatherings, exhibition opportunities, and educational events.  Lend your time and skills to build momentum and excitement with in the Washington Clay Arts Association. We would like you to come to several meetings before joining the board. Learn more about the board roles here...

peggy mainer

peggy mainer

Board Members

Meredith Chernick & 
Ann Marie Cooper

Vice President
Sarah Bak

Emily Facci

Michele Yugen Lewis

Membership Manager
Briggs Shore

Promotions & Website
Ann Marie Cooper

Events Manager
Thomas Kayser

Event Photographer
Sudhi Tirnahalli

Socials Coordinator
Brenda Lovie

Onsite Logistics Officer
CJ Carter

Sustainability Chair
Liz Duarte

Exhibitions Manager
Education Manager
Blog/ Article Manager

Past Presidents
Jordan Jones
Brenda Lovie

Deb Schwartzkopf
Allison Moore-Peel

Liz Duarte
Gary Roper
Gale Lurie
Maria Spies