Join the Washington Clay Arts Association in connecting artists working in clay across the state!  We meet about each month over potluck and goals for growing the organization. 

Meetings are open to membership!  Get involved in helping out with an event, setting up an exhibition, or helping guide the decisions of the group. Below we have listed the roles fill in support of the WCA.  There are many others who also volunteer on committees or just for specific events.  We need your help to keep the group thriving.  Follow this link to send us your information and participate.

WCA Meeting 2017

WCA Meeting 2017


Meredith Rosenfeld Chernick

Meredith Rosenfeld Chernick

Sarah bak

Sarah bak


We have two co-presidents, Meredith Chernick and
Sarah Bak.

The president:

·       Holds the vision for the WCA and builds momentum for the organization
·       Creates exhibition opportunities for the membership with the support of the board
·       Organizes socials twice a year for the membership with the support of the board
·       Prepares an agenda for meetings, 
·       Communicates with the board on follow through on volunteer commitments, organization deadline
·       President shall designate on reasonable notice, the time and place of all Board Meetings.
·       The President shall preside over all meetings of the membership and of the Board of Directors
·       The President shall appoint such committees as may seem necessary or desirable and shall be an ex-officio member on all standing committees.

Learn more about Meredith on her website:
Learn more about Sarah at her website:



Vice President

Our Vice President has become co-president.

The vice president:

·       Works Closely with and is an aid to the President.
·       shall perform the duties of the president in his/her absence.
·       Helps with communication between board members.
·       Helps coordinate follow through for projects relating to WCA offerings.
·       becomes the President after expiration of the current presidency.



michele yugen-lewis

michele yugen-lewis

Our Secretary is Michele Yugen-Lewis

The secretary:

·       shall attend all general and Board meetings
·       shall keep & maintain records of all proceedings of the BOD and general meetings.
·       shall distribute the minutes to the Board in a timely fashion after each meeting.
·       shall keep & maintain the files and records of the organization and shall perform such other duties as are incident to the office of secretary.

Learn more about Michele at her website:




Our Treasurer is Emily Facci

Emily Facci

Emily Facci

The Treasurer:

·       responsible for all fiscal matters of the Corporation and shall maintain adequate books and records which accurately reflect the operations of the Corporation and its assets and liabilities. 
·       prepare or cause to be prepared all quarterly, annual and such reports and/or tax forms as ordered by law
·       Reimburses expenses taken on by membership
·       Gives regular, accurate reports at membership meetings about the status of the WCA accounts/ finances


Membership Manager

briggs shore

briggs shore

Our Membership Manager is Briggs Shore

The Membership Manager:

·       processes annual membership payments
·       tracks annual membership and reports this a membership meetings
·       checks in on online membership applications to fulfill them
·       coordinates with the promotions manager to have a new card in place online each year
·       sends sponsors current lists of WCA membership

Learn more about Briggs at her website,


Events Manager

Thomas Kayser

Thomas Kayser

Our Events Manager is Thomas Kayser


The Events Manager:

·       Helps plan/organize/ implement our parties
·       Send information on parties to PR/ Social Media/ Newsletter outlets
·       Organizes Volunteer committee to bring refreshments/ food/ utensils etc


Promotions & Website Manager

ann marie cooper

ann marie cooper

Our Promotions and Website Manager is Ann Marie Cooper

The Promotions & Website Manger:

·       Works with VP to Create press releases for major events and exhibitions
·       Creates print promotional materials- rack card, posters, etc. when needed
·       Submit press releases to PMI/ CM/ WA related outlets for exhibitions and events

·       Keeps current, carefully edited, and growing
·       Manages committees to update calendar, membership page, blog & events areas
·       Manages those assisting with the Calendar, Event, Membership, and Blog updates.
·       Manages Forum Plugin

Learn more about Ann Marie on her website:


Social Media Manager

Jordan Jones

Jordan Jones

Socials Coordinator

brenda lovie

brenda lovie

Sustainability Chair

Liz Duarte

Liz Duarte

Onsite Logistics Officer

CJ carter

CJ carter

Our Social Media Manager is Jordan Jones

The Social Media Manager:

·       Works closely with Promotions, Web, and Newsletter Managers
·       Works to build presence on FB, IG, and New Social media outlets
·       Occasional FB ads for membership drives and Events
·       Takes high resolution images at events for use in all promotional materials
·       If then are not present at events, requests another member to take photos and distributes photos as above.

Learn more about Jordan at her website,



Our Socials Coordinator is Brenda Lovie

Our Socials Organizer will find and coordinate with locations for our Winter and Summer Socials


Social Advisor

Our Social Advisor is Sudhi Tirnahalli



Needed- Exhibitions Manager

·       Present ideas for exhibitions to the board from membership
·       Listen to boards ideas for exhibitions and help carry out planning/logistics
·       Handles exhibitions budget
·       Manage calls for juried shows/ exhibitions
·       Submit information on exhibitions to PR/ Social media/ Newsletter


Needed- Education Manager

·       Present ideas for educational opportunities for membership that broadly represent the medium across the state.
·       Help grow and manage a volunteer committee for educational opportunities
·       Handles Educational Budget
·       Works with VP to secure locations for Educational opportunities
·       Contact visiting artists/ make contracts/ follow up on contractual info
·       Submit information on exhibitions to Web/ PR/ Social Media/ Newsletter


Needed- Newsletter Article Writers

·       Writes articles to build presence for membership for Newsletter
·       Receives updates from Hospitality, Memberships, Exhibitions and
·       Educational Managers for posting and writing about…
·       Submit or input others' onto website articles for the bi-Monthly Newsletters!
·       Help promote article writing opportunities to the membership

Board Member Job Description

Responsibilities: Washington Clay Arts Association’s Board of Directors is the legal entity responsible for the organization. The Board focuses on long-term strategic planning for the organization, financial oversight, day-to-day administration, and programming. The legal duties of the board are generally defined in the Washington Clay Arts Association Bylaws.

Specific responsibilities include but are not limited to:

·       Organizing events and programs for members.
·       Keeping members informed of clay events through an updated website and newsletter.
·       Planning for the organization’s long-term growth.·       
·       Overseeing the organization’s finances and the approval of an annual budget.
·       Engaging other members of the community with the organization.
·       Suggest possible nominees for election to the Board, who can make significant contributions to the work of the Board and the organization.


Engaging other members of the community with the organization.Suggest possible nominees for election to the Board, who can make significant contributions to the work of the Board and the organization.

Structure: The Board consists of not less than seven and not more than twelve Directors. Committees should be headed by a board member but may consist of non-board members of the organization.

Election: New Board Members are selected by a majority vote of the Directors.

Term of Office: Unless a Director dies, resigns or is removed, he/she holds office for a term of one year. A Director may be reelected as many times as they are able to serve.

Compensation: The Directors receive no compensation for their service as Directors but may receive reimbursement for expenditures incurred on behalf of the corporation.

Officers: The officers of the corporation include President, Secretary and Treasurer, each of whom is appointed by the Board. Other officers and assistant officers may be appointed by the Board as necessary. The length of term of officers is one year, and a Director may serve as many consecutive terms as he/she is elected to serve.

Time Commitment: The Board holds regular meetings at a minimum of five times a year , scheduled at the discretion and convenience of all Directors. In addition, board members may take on specific tasks and projects, such as serving on committees and attending association events. In total, Board Members should expect to spend an average of no more than five to ten hours per month on official responsibilities. Financial Contribution: Members of the Board are not required to give or solicit a specific dollar amount to the organization’s annual fundraising efforts. However, Board Members may be asked to assist in fundraising efforts.